2013/7/3 Michael Haggerty <mhagger@alum.mit.edu>
On 07/03/2013 02:49 PM, priyanka chelladurai wrote:
> THis is priyanka from INDIA doing my masters. I am using the code
> Gnuplot.py downloaded from sourcefeg.net <http://sourcefeg.net> for my
> project but when i wanted to first a simple example. i am getting an
> error. i browsed the net and did some modification according to some
> comments i got from the blogs. but still am getting this issue. SO
> thought of clarifying with u . PFB the code aand the error which i am
> getting. Kindly help me in this regard

My guess is that this is related to the fact that you are using Python
2.7; maybe something related to Unicode.  Gnuplot.py has hardly been
maintained in years (I don't use it anymore and nobody else has
volunteered) so I wouldn't be surprised at all if it doesn't work under
Python 2.7.

If you can, try it with an older version of Python and/or read the
Python documentation about the difference between 2.6 and 2.7 to see if
you can figure out the difference.

In the future, please use the mailing list to discuss Gnuplot.py because
there are some other people who still use it and might be able to help
you better than I can.  I am CCing this email to the users list.

python 2.7 works good here with gnuplot last I used it. Without an error message, difficult to help though.
As many others, I'm mainly using matplotlib now though.


Michael Haggerty

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