Jason Nicholson - 2014-06-18

Can you use gendef.exe to see what symbols are exported and what their names are?

Use this syntax to have the exported symbols sent to the screen

gendef.exe - myLib.mexw32     or    gendef.exe - myLib.dll  or    gendef.exe - myLib.mexw64

quick download (note that this is a temporary link.  I will delete this in the future.):

Source code: 
gendef – mingw-w64

gendef – mingw-w64
gendef gendef is a tool which generate def files from DLLs. A def file is a list of symbols exported by a DLL.
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Jason Nicholson

On Wednesday, June 18, 2014 1:05 AM, Gunter nitgun@users.sf.net wrote:

[bugs:#13] Compiling with gcc 4.9 32 bit produces unusable s-functions
Status: open
Group: v1.0_(example)
Created: Wed Jun 18, 2014 06:05 AM UTC by Gunter
Last Updated: Wed Jun 18, 2014 06:05 AM UTC
Owner: nobody
Simulink complains that the file allegedly has no mdlDerivatives function when compiled for 32bit Matlab 2007b with gcc. The same file worked well when compiled with Visual Studio 2005 for 32bit or with the gcc for 64bit Matlab2014a. The following tests show which combination works and wich not. The used minimal working example can be found in the attachment.
MinGW-W64 gcc 4.9 for 64bit Matlab2014a -> works
MinGW-W64(32bit) gcc 4.9 for 32bit Matlab2007b -> S-function 'mwe' in 'mwe2007b/S-Function' has continuous states, but doesn't have a mdlDerivatives routine.
VisualStudio 2005 for 32bit Matlab2007b -> works
TDM-MinGW gcc 4.8.1 for 32bit Matlab 2007b --> works
So is there an error with the 32bit version of the gcc 4.9 or does it need special handling by gnumex?

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Bugs: #13