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  • Nitro Furano
    Nitro Furano


    Are the next versions of the binary distribution be planned to be compiled from MinGW (the GCC version for windows32), as well it makefile focused to it?
    I'm asking you this because:
    - MinGW is open-source (and MSVC isn't)
    - MinGW is based on GCC (and MSVC isn't)
    - MinGW is stable (and MSVC isn't)
    - you can get MinGW for free (and MSVC you can't)
    What do you think about?

    more: is possibly in future gnuitar gui using wxwindows forms instead of gtk?
    more: what is the distort2 folder, and what/where are layouts and presets?

    more: the effect values can only be set by sliders - the suggestion is that values displayed as text labels being editable like from a text box (linked to that sliders - for a better idea some examples i coded on wxBasic i have at - like the rgb or harmonic palette dialog )

    (btw, i coded some guitar-related stuff available at  )

    more: dockable forms like from winamp is possible?...

    more: how can we get the exact pure guitar sound like plugged directly on an amplifier without effects?

    • Max Rudensky
      Max Rudensky


      About MinGW:
      - I don't know. It would be cool to have it as much portable as possible. I think there would be  a little problems porting it to MinGW, because you say it is a GCC clone.
      As soon as I will get a good internet connection and be able to download mingw, I will consider it.
      Anyway, I plan to include a windows binaries into the distribution, so you will never need to care about MinGW :-)
      I mean, free binaries.
      - wxwidgets - yes, I got another suggestion about it.
      But I'm conservative enough, and as long as GTK 1.2 branch is maintained, I'll probably stick with it. It is a lightweight and have a low deps.
      - distort2 folder is something that went away with 0.3.2 release. In 0.3.1 there were the lookup tables for distort2 effect. We switched to the realtime processing in distort2 effect. I removed all lookup table files from CVS, but somehow the folder won't get deleted. Do you know how to delete it from CVS ?
      - layots are temporarily gone, because layout format was constantly changing from release to release, and I could not maintain it.
      - good idea about the direct editable values for a sliders; added to TODO
      - dockable forms - not sure why it is needed.
      - pure guitar sound - simply don't add any effect.
      Or, just plug in a guitar, and DO NOT start gnuitar, and you'll get a pure sound.


    • MinGW build works now.