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Initial subversioned import of GNUexp

With a well measured delay of a few month I've imported the basic source of GNUexp to SourceForge. It's a pretty rough bit of code - have a look at the rudimentry documentation within to familiarize yourselfs with the project.

The best - gnupsi

Posted by GNUpsi (Andre Ziervogel) 2009-04-26

First developer release approaches

I've posted a screenshot documenting the current development stage. EventHandling, Timing and rudimentary OpenGL rendering are well implemented and I'm hopeful to release the first version of the framework (including documentation and some tools) during the next few weeks to the project subversion repository.

So stay tuned and a good day to you all (gnupsi)

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Posted by GNUpsi (Andre Ziervogel) 2008-07-17