#34 Setting up GDL - paths and startup files

Dave C


I've just started to use GDL - hooray for it's very existence by the way - but I've immediately run into a problem... how do I adjust my '.profile. file to add working directories for GDL? Also, and possibly more importantly, how do I tell GDL to use a custom startup file?

My experience with IDL isn't exactly extensive but I do know a thing or to about using it... and one thing I have found VERY useful is the ability to set certain constants and environment variables in my own startup file. For IDL this is done by editing the .profile with the following lines:

export idl_startup = directory/startup_filename
export idl_path = directory/example_dir

For example, I have the following in my IDL startup file (I have taken this from my uni computer - I don't have IDL at home as it's a rip off!):

; Set a fun prompt for the konsole
!prompt = 'Let's do it... > '

; Define some system variables for fundamental constants
DEFSYSV, '!constHBAR', 1.054571596d-34 ; Js
DEFSYSV, '!constME', 9.10938188d-31 ; kg


These things work as normal commands in GDL as is... it'd jst be nice to not have to do them EVERY time I run GDL in a konsole. So my question is: Is there an equivalent to what I've described above in IDL for GDL? If so... how do I do it? If not... why not!? ;-) Can one of the developers please pick this up a request




  • Sylwester Arabas


    GDL does support both startup files and setting custom library routine paths.
    The GDL_PATH and GDL_STARTUP env. vars have priority, but if not set the IDL ones are used, so your IDL deafults should work just fine. Please confirm if that works for you.


  • Sylwester Arabas

    • status: open --> pending

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