#44 Issues with make check

Unstable (example)

- When building the Fedora packages we cannot download anything as part of the build. Perhaps a tarball of the test images can be provided so that we can run this test as part of the build?

- I do out of tree builds (in a "build" sub-dir) using configure. With "make check" is get:

make check-TESTS
make[4]: Entering directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/gdl-0.9.2/build/src/pro'
fgrep: Makefile.am: No such file or directory
ls: cannot access *.pro: No such file or directory
REASON: list of .pro files vs. entries in src/pro/Makefile.am:
ls: cannot access *.pro: No such file or directory
diff: Makefile.am: No such file or directory
FAIL: checks
1 of 1 test failed
make[4]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1

Apparently the script "checks" can't handle out of tree builds.

Similarly, running make check in build/testsuite fails because try gets called with:

../../testsuite/try ../.. ../../testsuite/test_suite.pro

and tries to run:

../../src/gdl -quiet -e

but gdl is at ../../build/src/gdl.

I think you need to pass in the build directory to try as well. The attached patch does that. With that I get:

make[1]: Entering directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/gdl-0.9.2/build/testsuite'
PASS: test_angles.pro
PASS: test_base64.pro
PASS: test_binfmt.pro
PASS: test_bug_1779553.pro
PASS: test_bug_2555865.pro
PASS: test_bug_2610174.pro
PASS: test_bug_2846561.pro
PASS: test_bug_2876150.pro
PASS: test_bug_2876161.pro
PASS: test_bug_2974380.pro
PASS: test_bug_3033108.pro
PASS: test_bug_3054361.pro
PASS: test_bug_3055720.pro
PASS: test_bug_3057511.pro
PASS: test_bug_3057520.pro
PASS: test_bug_3061072.pro
PASS: test_bug_3081887.pro
PASS: test_bug_3085858.pro
PASS: test_bug_3086851.pro
PASS: test_bug_3091599.pro
PASS: test_bug_3091610.pro
PASS: test_bug_3100945.pro
PASS: test_bug_3104209.pro
PASS: test_bug_3104214.pro
PASS: test_bug_3104326.pro
PASS: test_bug_3104349.pro
PASS: test_bug_3147181.pro
PASS: test_bug_3147733.pro
PASS: test_bug_3151760.pro
PASS: test_bug_3152892.pro
PASS: test_bug_3152899.pro
PASS: test_bug_3189072.pro
PASS: test_bug_3199465.pro
PASS: test_bug_3244840.pro
PASS: test_bug_3275334.pro
PASS: test_bug_3286031.pro
PASS: test_bug_3288652.pro
PASS: test_bug_3290532.pro
PASS: test_bug_3296360.pro
PASS: test_bug_3298378.pro
PASS: test_bug_3300626.pro
PASS: test_bug_3313522.pro
PASS: test_bug_3376577.pro
PASS: test_bug_3441031.pro
PASS: test_bug_3453775.pro
PASS: test_bug_3488003.pro
PASS: test_ce.pro
PASS: test_clip.pro
PASS: test_common.pro
PASS: test_congrid.pro
PASS: test_constants.pro
PASS: test_correlate.pro
PASS: test_deriv.pro
PASS: test_device.pro
PASS: test_dicom.pro
PASS: test_erfinv.pro
PASS: test_execute.pro
PASS: test_fft.pro
PASS: test_fft_leak.pro
PASS: test_file_basename.pro
PASS: test_file_copy.pro
PASS: test_file_delete.pro
PASS: test_file_dirname.pro
PASS: test_file_search.pro
PASS: test_file_which.pro
PASS: test_fix.pro
PASS: test_fixprint.pro
PASS: test_gc.pro
PASS: test_get_screen_size.pro
PASS: test_grib.pro
PASS: test_hist_2d.pro
PASS: test_idl8.pro
PASS: test_idl_validname.pro
PASS: test_image_statistics.pro
PASS: test_interpol.pro
PASS: test_interpolate_missing.pro
PASS: test_ludc_lusol.pro
PASS: test_memory.pro
PASS: test_moment.pro
PASS: test_mpfit.pro
PASS: test_multiroots.pro
PASS: test_nestedloop.pro
PASS: test_plotting_ranges.pro
PASS: test_pmulti.pro
PASS: test_product.pro
PASS: test_ps_decomposed.pro
PASS: test_python.pro
PASS: test_python_module_0.pro
PASS: test_python_module_1.pro
PASS: test_python_module_2.pro
PASS: test_qromb.pro
PASS: test_qromo.pro
PASS: test_random.pro
PASS: test_readf.pro
PASS: test_rebin.pro
PASS: test_rk4.pro
PASS: test_scope_varfetch.pro
PASS: test_sem.pro
PASS: test_spawn_unit.pro
PASS: test_spher_harm.pro
PASS: test_spl_init.pro
PASS: test_step.pro
PASS: test_str_functions.pro
PASS: test_str_sep.pro
PASS: test_stregex.pro
PASS: test_strmatch.pro
PASS: test_strsplit.pro
PASS: test_suite.pro
PASS: test_systime.pro
PASS: test_trisol.pro
PASS: test_url.pro
PASS: test_wavelet.pro
PASS: test_zeropoly.pro
PASS: test_zip.pro
PASS: checks
All 115 tests passed

But I don't see test_read_standard_images.pro listed. In fact:

[mockbuild@mock1 testsuite]$ ./checks
REASON: list of .pro files vs. entries in testsuite/Makefile.am:
- image_test.pro
- nc_test.pro
- test-read_ascii.pro
- test-swap_endian.pro
- test-total.pro
- test_MathFunctionsDim.pro
- test_axis.pro
- test_besel.pro
- test_brain.pro
- test_bug_3147146.pro
- test_byte_conversion.pro
- test_check_math.pro
- test_colors.pro
- test_contour_basic.pro
- test_contour_extra.pro
- test_cursor.pro
- test_diag_matrix.pro
- test_dims_of_arrays.pro
- test_erfs.pro
- test_expint.pro
- test_factorial.pro
- test_float2string.pro
- test_gammas.pro
- test_get_kbrd.pro
- test_get_lun.pro
- test_greek_letters.pro
- test_healpix.pro
- test_histo.pro
- test_invert_matrix.pro
- test_jd_op_tut.pro
- test_known_bugs.pro
- test_map.pro
- test_minmax.pro
- test_nans_in_sort_and_median.pro
- test_ntags.pro
- test_op_elem.pro
- test_op_power.pro
- test_outofmem.pro
- test_plot_basic.pro
- test_plot_benchmark.pro
- test_plot_inf_nan.pro
- test_plot_info.pro
- test_plot_linestyle.pro
- test_plotting_misc.pro
- test_point_lun.pro
- test_poly2d.pro
- test_postscript.pro
- test_read_jpeg.pro
- test_read_standard_images.pro
- test_restore.pro
- test_save.pro
- test_skip_lun.pro
- test_smooth.pro
- test_surface_basic.pro
- test_titles.pro
- test_tv.pro
- test_tvlct.pro
- test_uf77.pro
- test_usersym.pro
- test_valgrind.pro
- test_voigt.pro
- test_wait.pro
- test_widgets.pro

Looks like lots of tests are missing from make check.

- Is it time I moved to cmake?


  • Orion Poplawski

    Orion Poplawski - 2012-05-11

    Patch to fix make check for out of tree builds

  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2012-05-14

    yes, thanks !
    Sorry, yesterday, I forgot to do it. Now CVS should be OK then "make check" should be OK.

    Yes, we do not have all files in testsuite in the "make test". Some tests are not "self consistent"

    I also have some "random fails" due to random ! Suggestions/Ideas welcome !!
    --nevertheless the test suite is really a convenient way to track any potential regression,
    and extension for third party libraries are welcome [we have some public for MPFIT, HEALPix, ...
    and some private --mostly due to license issue or self-consistency-- (iCosmo, PDS, NRAO FITS ...)]


  • Orion Poplawski

    Orion Poplawski - 2012-05-15

    Do you think you could apply the attached patch? It should still work for in-tree builds, though I have to admit I haven't tested that. CVS make check in build still doesn't work for src/pro either:

    make check-TESTS
    make[4]: Entering directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/gdl-0.9.2/build/src/pro'
    fgrep: Makefile.am: No such file or directory
    ls: cannot access *.pro: No such file or directory
    REASON: list of .pro files vs. entries in src/pro/Makefile.am:
    ls: cannot access *.pro: No such file or directory
    diff: Makefile.am: No such file or directory
    FAIL: checks
    1 of 1 test failed
    make[4]: Leaving directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/gdl-0.9.2/build/src/pro'

    So I'm not sure what was fixed in CVS.

  • Marc Schellens

    Marc Schellens - 2013-10-06
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
    • Group: --> Unstable (example)
  • Marc Schellens

    Marc Schellens - 2013-10-06

    I applied it eventually. Thanks.


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