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GDL 0.9.6 released

This release compiles on GNU/Linux, *BSD, OSX and MSwin.
The major progress in this version is related to the quality of Widgets support..

Posted by Alain C. 2016-01-08

GDL 0.9 rc2 released

This release compiles with gcc 4.3.
Several bugs were fixed and some new routines were added.
Constant expressions are now evaluated already at compile time.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2009-01-25

GDL 0.9rc1 released

This release has a CURSOR procedure
as well as several improvements and fixes.
It supports the new plplot 5.9.0
(Use --enable-oldplplot for older versions back to 5.3)

Posted by Marc Schellens 2008-04-06

GDL 0.9pre6 released

This release brings an improved memory management.
It should give every application a speed boost.
Especially struct arrays are handled now much more efficient.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2007-11-03

GDL 0.9pre5 released

This version includes many extensions to existing subroutines, implements several new subroutines, fixes bugs and includes some speedups.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2007-07-07

GDL 0.9pre4 released

Among several bug fixes,
the fourth pre 0.9 release has the
support for SAVE and RESTORE from CMSVLIB
working again.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2006-12-30

GDL 0.9pre3 released

Another step towards GDL 0.9
Several bugs were fixed and this release should
compile under newer OS X versions (10.4.8, 10.5)

Posted by Marc Schellens 2006-11-22

GDL 0.8.11 released

GDL now became much faster. The actual increase in speed depends upon several factors but up to 60% seems to not be unrealistic. Some new important subroutines were implemented, including CREATE_STRUCT, CONTOUR, LAGUERRE, and STRCMP. SYSTIME now has sub-millisecond resolution. For the FFT procedure, the FFTW library can (alternatively) be used, resulting in about double the execution speed.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2005-10-18

GDL 0.8.6 released

This version is a further step towards running the NASA IDL Astronomers library. It adds a very efficient CONVOL function. HISTOGRAM and SHIFT are now supporting all keywords. JOURNAL is now fully supported, so that entire GDL sessions can be logged and replayed.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-11-25

GDL 0.8.5 released

Now the READFITS function and the WRITEFITS procedure from the IDL astronomy user's library compile and run under GDL.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-09-14

GDL 0.8.4 released

With the newly implemented TV command, images and 2D data can now be visualized.
Basic HDF5 file support as well as many important functions and procedures were added, among them HISTOGRAM, REFORM, SORT, UNIQ, FILE_TEST and CD.
Overall GDL contains now more than 210 library routines.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-09-09

GDL 0.8.3 released

This release adds imporved support for HDF and complex numbers (CONK and IMAGINARY functions). System variables can now be defined (DEFSYSV).

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-07-29

GDL 0.8.2 released

GDL now builds also on Mac OS X "out of the box".
Some bugs were fixed and more library routines were added.
Binaries for OS X are available at

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-05-28

GDL 0.8.1 released

This release has the same source code as 0.8 but a new set of configuration files (automake). The README and INSTALL are updated accordingly.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-05-06

GDL 0.8 released

The netCDF file format is now fully supported.
Several library functions were added.
Along wiht some necessary internal changes to the compiler/interpreter several bugs were fixed, output (formatted and unformatted) has improved. See the ChangeLog file for details.
The installation procedure is now more straight forward. See the README file for more details and installation instructions.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-05-04

GDL 0.7.2 released

GDL is a free IDL 6.0 (Interactive Data Language, see\) compatible incremental compiler. It supports OOP and has very powerful array operations.
Now with python support.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-04-14

GDL 0.7 released

GDL is a free IDL 6.0 (Interactive Data Language, see\) compatible incremental compiler. It supports OOP and has very powerful array operations.
Now with graphic output (PLOT command) for X windows and postscript.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-03-01

GDL 0.6.2 released

GDL is a free IDL (Interactive Data Language, see\) compatible incremental compiler. It supports OOP and has very powerful array operations.

Posted by Marc Schellens 2004-01-16

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