#120 pixmap keyword in window procedure


The /pixmap keyword in the windows procedure is present in 0.9.2 but it does not seem to produce a background (invisible) pixmap. The window appears in a regular way.

How to reproduce:

Should generate: a background (invisible) pixmap, but generates a standard gdl window.


  • Matt James

    Matt James - 2013-04-05

    I am running GDL 9.2 in Mint 14 and get the same problem, would be very useful to get a fix to this.

  • giloo

    giloo - 2013-04-09

    Seems nearly impossible since not provided in plplot

  • giloo

    giloo - 2013-06-10

    on retrospect, maybe there is a workaround.

  • Stephen Frasier

    Stephen Frasier - 2017-01-27

    So, know this is a really old thread... Are there plans to implement pixmap-like support? I've used this in the context of an oscilloscope-type display, double buffering between pixmap and a displayed window to avoid the flicker of redrawing.

  • giloo

    giloo - 2017-01-29

    has been implemented a year ago (0.9.6) for X11 and wxWidgets. Actually does flash a window for X11, plplot insisting to show it.

  • Stephen Frasier

    Stephen Frasier - 2017-01-30

    Ok, thanks for the quick response. I'm running 0.9.5 on EL6, so I guess that explains it.


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