Interpolate fails

  • Ken Mankoff

    Ken Mankoff - 2006-12-23


    I've built the latest CVS version this evening on OS X. It builds and runs fine, but fails on the following command:

    GDL>  r = interpol(indgen(3),indgen(3)^2,indgen(30))
    % Compiled module: VALUE_LOCATE.
    % Compiled module: INTERPOL.
    % Function not found: SPL_INTERP
    % Error occurred at: VALUE_LOCATE       150 /Users/mankoff/projects/SNOE/lib/astronomy/pro/math/
    %                    INTERPOL           161 /Users/mankoff/local/rsi/idl/lib/
    %                    $MAIN$         
    % Execution halted at: INTERPOL           150 /Users/mankoff/local/rsi/idl/lib/

    I cannot find an SPL_INTERP procedure in the IDL library, I think it is a built-in. I assume I'm doing something wrong as GDL does work with mapping routines I think, and interpol is called by them.

    I configured like so:

    ./configure --with-gsldir=/sw --with-hdf=no --with-netcdf=no --with-hdf5=no --with-libproj4=/sw --with-python=no

    Any advice appreciated.



    • Ken Mankoff

      Ken Mankoff - 2006-12-26

      Nevermind I have solved this. Either I was running an older version or a later compile with fftw and python fixed this. Please disregard.

  • Santiago Casas

    Santiago Casas - 2012-07-25

    Hi Mankoff,

    Maybe this is a very basic question.  I am kind of new to gdl.
    I have a script which uses the function INTERPOL, but I keep getting the error message:
    % Compiled module: $MAIN$.
    % Compiled module: SMOOTH.
    % Function not found: INTERPOL
    % Execution halted at: $MAIN$

    I checked the website with the available routines of gdl, and interpol is not internally coded in gdl. So, what can I do to add this function to my gdl?



  • Sylwester Arabas


    Part of GDL library routines is written in C++, and another part in GDL itself. INTERPOL is in the latter group, and to be available GDL needs to know where to look for the file. If you compile GDL yourself and do "make install" this should be handled automatically, otherwise you need to take care of the value of the GDL_PATH env. var.



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