Installing on CentOS 5.6

Anne Hanna
  • Anne Hanna

    Anne Hanna - 2011-07-28

    Just a little note for anybody who might be trying to install GDL on CentOS 5.6, as I did: install the gcc44 and gcc44-c++ packages and set the environment variables "CC=/usr/bin/gcc44" and "CXX=/usr/bin/g++44" and your life will be a much better place.  There's some kind of bug in CentOS 5.6's current version of gcc which prevents the compile from happening, and that version (4.1.2) is also too old to work with OpenMP, and possibly some other optional components, so you have to use a lot of -with-X=no options if you use the old gcc.  (Even with gcc 4.4 you'll still have to use -with-hdf=no, because there's no hdf package for CentOS, and you'll have to compile plplot yourself, but it's still a vast improvement.)

    I spent all day yesterday fighting with this, so here's hoping this will save somebody else their whole day…

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