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Stack trace for segfault

Tom Potts
  • Tom Potts

    Tom Potts - 2014-07-04

    Trying to run UChicago Flash simulator IDL code in latest - cant release the code but wondered if this may help;
    (gdb) bt

    0 0x0000000000cfb471 in DevicePS::epsHacks (this=0x0) at deviceps.hpp:349

    1 0x0000000000cfb505 in DevicePS::epsHacks (this=0x1) at deviceps.hpp:350

    2 0x0000000000cf4d4a in DeviceX::DeviceX (this=0xf55c92 <antlr::BaseAST::equalsList(antlr::ASTRefCount<antlr::AST>) const+786>)

    at devicex.hpp:328

    3 0x0000000000f3e759 in lib::convert_coord (e=0x7fffaafc0530) at plotting_convert_coord.cpp:345

    4 0x0000000000f2b6cc in lib::contour_call::old_body (this=0x2d4ad40, e=0x2d4ac88, actStream=0xffffffffffffffff)

    at plotting_contour.cpp:934

    5 0x0000000000f164d4 in lib::plot_call::handle_args (this=0x7fbe39707f4d, e=0x7fffaafc0500) at plotting_plot.cpp:49

    6 0x00000000008c2f96 in NullGDL::ModInvSNew (this=0x2c93e60, r=0x0) at nullgdl.cpp:782

    7 0x00000000008c479d in AllIxNewMulti2DT::operator[] (this=0x8c479d <AllIxNewMulti2DT::operator<a class="" href="unsigned%20long%20long"> const+135>,

    i=140736062032160) at allix.cpp:246

    8 0x0000000000f16b69 in lib::plot_call::handle_args (this=0x683, e=0x68300000677) at plotting_plot.cpp:87

    9 0x00000000008c2f96 in NullGDL::ModInvSNew (this=

    0xf58bde <__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<unsigned int*, std::vector<unsigned int, std::allocator<unsigned int> > >::__normal_iterator(unsigned int* const&)+4>, r=0x0) at nullgdl.cpp:782

    10 0x00000000008c2eb7 in NullGDL::ModSNew (this=0x8c2eb7 <NullGDL::ModSNew(BaseGDL*)+71>, r=0x7fffaafc0bd0) at nullgdl.cpp:781

    11 0x0000000000cbc6a5 in GDLTreeParser::foreach_statement (

    this=0xcbc6a5 <GDLTreeParser::foreach_statement(antlr::ASTRefCount<DNode>)+1761>, _t=...) at GDLTreeParser.cpp:3231

    12 0x0000000000cbe1f8 in GDLTreeParser::repeat_statement (this=0x7fbe38f3f4d0, _t=...) at GDLTreeParser.cpp:3301

    13 0x0000000000f45e09 in lib::convert_coord_template<Data_<SpDDouble>, double> (e=0x0, p0=0x7fbe399931b8, p1=0x0, p2=0x2b21100,

    sx=0x0, sy=0xfdcd90, sz=0x0, xv=-1426318616, yv=0, xt=16009338, yt=0) at plotting_convert_coord.cpp:267

    14 0x00007fbe38eddde5 in ?? ()

    ---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---

    • giloo

      giloo - 2014-07-04


      Which version of GDL do you use?


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