Question about GDL speed

  • Marko

    Marko - 2014-05-26

    I've recently discovered GDL, and would very much like to switch over to an open source code as opposed to IDL. However, after installing GDL on a machine where I also have IDL 7.1 running I tested one of my primary codes in both.

    IDL took about 2 minutes to complete the procedure while GDL took about 19 minutes! Same machine, same OS, same procedures.

    Is there something I'm missing? Is there any way to get GDL to run more quickly?

    The procedure I'm using relies on hundreds of my own procedures so I'm not sure if anything specific is causing the slow down.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd very much like to be able to switch to GDL.

  • giloo

    giloo - 2014-05-26

    Hi, Thanks for the comments and welcome to GDL.
    Actually it's already amazing that GDL would go through hundred of procedures unaffected!
    GDL is mainly developed to provide an open source alternative for long-term support of existing scientific data pipelines, not to compete with IDL, especially in versatility and speed (even if sometimes it's faster!).That said, if you can track the slowness of GDL down to a specific procedure, it would be useful to report it more precisely.

  • Marko

    Marko - 2014-05-26

    Yes, this is one of my largest codes so that's why I chose to test GDL with it. I was quite impressed that there wasn't a single error, and they both yielded identical results.
    My codes also invoke many of the IDL Astronomy library routines.

    As for the slowdown, I suspect it's the for loops..But I'll see if I can narrow it down.


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