• Soumyaranjan Dash


    When i run gdl it shows :
    No startup file read (GDL_STARTUP/IDL_STARTUP env. var. not set).
    How to setup the IDL_STARTUP env. var ??
    I want to install the CHIANTI package with GDL .
    HOW to do that ???

    Please help Soon.


    • latril

      latril - 2014-10-25

      Hi Everybody
      As it is roughly in the same topic, I would like to ask you another question..
      When I was using IDL or GDL on Ubuntu, I was using a config file in order to .run my modules in one shot. And I ran it as ""... Now, as I am not really an expert.. I don't know how to adapt myself for this on windows in the ms-dos command prompt. How could I setup the GDL_STARTUP/IDL_STARTUP or/and .run all my modules?
      Thanks in advance for attention

  • Sylwester Arabas


    The way of setting environment variables depends on the shell you are using. If it is bash, you can simply type:

    $ gdl

    or "export" it, i.e. make the setting persistent:

    $ export
    $ gdl

    Concerning CHIANTI (or any other library that is a set of .pro files), probably the easiest way is to unpack it in the $prefix/share/gnudatalanguage/lib directory which is in the default search path of gdl. $prefix depends on how you installed gdl, but usually it is /usr/local, /usr, /opt/local or something alike.


  • Soumyaranjan Dash

    Thanks a lot for the response.

  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2014-07-31


    I downloaded the stand-alone package

    mkdir Chianti
    cd Chianti
    tar -zxf CHIANTI_7.1.4_data.tar.gz
    tar -zxf CHIANTI_7.1.5_pro_standalone.tar.gz

    then, after running GDL, copy/past in the CLI:

    !PATH = '+'+a+':'+!PATH
    .rnew setup/use_chianti
    cd, cur=cur
    use_chianti, cur

    and then tried few examples as proposed in:

    Main point: not sure the Widgets-base codes will work well,

    1/ some keywords are still missing in GDL
    GDL> dens_plotter, 'o_5'
    % WIDGET_CONTROL: Keyword parameter DEFAULT_FONT not allowed in call to: WIDGET_CONTROL

    2/ I have a problem with LUN !
    GDL> xdoc,'c_synthetic'
    % OPENR: All available logical units are currently in use.
    % Error occurred at: WHICH 202 /home/coulais/GDL/Chianti7.1.5/gen/idl/help/

    3/ we have a READ_WGFA2 issue. WGFA2 files are ascii files mixing
    char and number and signs ...

    GDL> READ_WGFA2, File, Lvl1, Lvl2, Wvl, Gf, A_value, Ref
    % READ_WGFA2: Format parser: Mismatched Token

    I would say it would be great to quickly fix 3/ and 2/
    (I cannot do it now, one week off)


    • Alain C.

      Alain C. - 2014-08-16

      bug 3 in READ_WGFA2 also solved in the CVS
      ($ in format in read should not do somethings)

  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2014-07-31

    concerning Lun, bug found but not fixed now.


    • Alain C.

      Alain C. - 2014-08-16

      this bug now fixed in the CVS

  • Soumyaranjan Dash

    Thanks for the effort.
    What is 'CLI', where you have made changes about the path ?

  • Soumyaranjan Dash

    I guess i have made some changes in my IDL_STARTUP file. So its not getting the pro files. cyote library is missing.
    Please send me the basic lines for IDL_STARTUP file which will complie from /usr/share/gnudatalanguage/lib and /home/soumyaranjan/chianti
    Please help me in this.
    I have tried for myself but something went wrong. Now i cant plot basic functions through GDL like cgplot command.

    • Alain C.

      Alain C. - 2014-08-06

      I have a lot of colleagues using GDL and IDL and we all together used different/personnal ways to set up IDL_PATH/GDL_PATH, IDL_STARTUP/GDL_STARTUP.
      Just to say I would not set a path in a IDL_STARTUP file but you can do it ! I would prefer to use IDL_PATH in a sh script.

      For the case you have, you just need to copy into a text file the lines I wrote for Chianti, then adding the Coyote path into !PATH.
      To be valid, Paths to be add into !path should already being OK, this is why Chianti used EXPAND_PATH(!PATH) to enforce that.

      You can also have a look into ""
      to see how to manage GDL_PATH

      you can do (in the CLI, in one line):
      GDL_PATH=/my/path/to/coyote sh ./ -g

      Last edit: Alain C. 2014-08-06
  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2014-08-16

    about tests on Chianti code, using current CVS version and the Chianti version mentioned here :
    -- the bugs mentioned here have been corrected
    -- a trick was found and solved in INVERT()
    -- few warn keywords have been added.

    --> I tested with success some numerical computations.
    (same outputs in IDL and GDL)

    Now I have a bug in STR_INDEX related to a common
    (COMMON str_index, idx) which is not reset by DELVARX.
    No solution now. (both codes are shipped inside Chianti)


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