Luis Peralta - 2013-07-15

I think that the usage of GDL as a Python module is very interesting because it is a very useful feature, and also because it is a feature not available in IDL (and hence, it could be useful to do bigger the number of GDL users). So I encourage you to maintain and develop this module :)

I have tried many times to compile this module, but I haven't gotten to build it. Can anyone help me?

My OS is GNU/Linux; in particular, I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

I don't give any report about my compilation problems yet, because I have tried to build the module with many versions of the source code, using ./configure and CMake, I have read several posts, etc., and I am messy.

I would like that somebody who has gotten to build the module helps me, suggesting the version of the code, the compilation method, and any advice. I would try to compile the module, and I would report my problems very detailed.

Thanks, and sorry for my English!

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