configure fails to find plsexit

Dan Suson
  • Dan Suson

    Dan Suson - 2012-09-20

    I am trying to build gdl -0.9.2 on a 64-bit system:

    Linux Dans-PC #3 SMP Sat Apr 9 22:49:32 CDT 2011 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

    I have downloaded both plplot-5.9.9-8.1.2.x86_64 and plplot-devel-5.9.9-8.1.2.x86_64 as pre-built binaries. The libraries are installed in /usr/lib64. nm -D yields

    root@Dans-PC:/usr/lib64# nm -D |grep plsexit
                     U plsexit

    while nm -D yields

    root@Dans-PC:/usr/lib64# nm -D |grep plsexit
    0000000000026c20 T plsexit

    so the function is present. I'm running configure with the command

    ./configure -prefix=/usr/local -libdir=/usr/local/lib64 -with-plplot=/usr/lib64

    and getting the following message

    checking for omp.h… yes

    OpenMP enabled (omp.h file was found).
    Try -with-openmp=no if your compiler does not support it (e.g. GCC < 4.2)

    checking for gsl_ran_binomial_knuth in -lgsl… yes
    checking for cblas_drot in -lgslcblas… yes
    checking for plsexit in -lplplotcxxd… no

    Error! plplot library is required but was not found
           Use -with-plplot=DIR to specify the plplot directory tree

           (suitable Debian/Ubuntu packages: libplplot-dev, plplot9-driver-xwin)

    Why is configure not finding plsexit and how can I fix this?

  • Sylwester Arabas


    Please try using CMake instead of configure which will soon be deprecated for GDL.
    Instead of "./configure" you just type "cmake ."



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