possible problem with common block

  • npmk

    npmk - 2006-11-19

    I have been busy getting solarsoft setup to work with GDL. (see http://www.lmsal.com/solarsoft/sswdoc/index_menu.html\).  I have succeeded to get it to startup without crashing and just started to add the software for the SOHO CDS mission.  I then tried to open a fits file and got a problem. The error message is not very clear, since the variable is only present in a common block, and the traceback of the call seems to stop short of the actual problem. However, the problem occurred in the very widely used FXB fits binary table package written by Bill Thompson, which leads me to suspect a GDL problem.  The variable named in the error message is 'LUN' and only defined in the common block. The way the package works is that a fits file is opened, and a common block is used to register the state, some variables read (which column,etc.), etc.. 

    So I would like to know if common blocks are supported in GDL ?

    If that is not the problem, then I need to set up some tests which will take a while.

    Any help will be appreciated!


    • Joel Gales

      Joel Gales - 2006-11-21

      Could you supply an example of a FITS file that displays this problem and the commands that you executed?


    • Marc Schellens

      Marc Schellens - 2006-11-21

      COMMON blocks are fully supported.
      Does GDL segfault or issue an error?
      (And like Joel wrote: Please post an example)

    • npmk

      npmk - 2006-11-27

      Sorry for responding so late. I must have missed your notifications. I repeated the test and tarred it all up. Since that cannot be put here, I will enter it as a new bug report. I included all the lower level routines that are called.  If you need more, let me know.  I myself never have used common blocks
      in my (IDL) coding, I have no idea what to expect.  I tried a help,/common to see if the variables would show, but that seems a bad guess.

      Any help is much appreciated.


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