Getting started in GDL, Max OS 10.5

  • Frank Monaldo

    Frank Monaldo - 2009-07-10

    I am long time IDL user and just installed the mac binaries and have been able to do simple plots. However, I have run into a couple of problems.


    (1) How do I direct GDL to look in certain directories for GDL/IDL routines?

    (2) When I execute a "cd" command in GDL I get blown out of GDL with the message:
    gdl(64072) malloc: *** error for object 0xabacadab: Non-aligned pointer being freed
    *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug
    Segmentation fault

    Any advice on these issues.

    Frank Monaldo

    • Sylwester Arabas


      Ad. 1: use the GDL_PATH env. variable to inform GDL about location of your library files (.pro)
      Ad. 2: this is related to a bug in OSX wordexp() function, and a workaround have been included in the CVS version of GDL for some time now - please use the current CVS version if possible


      • Frank Monaldo

        Frank Monaldo - 2009-07-17

        Thanks so much.

    • Noemi Pinilla-Alonso

      (1) How do I direct GDL to look in certain directories for GDL/IDL routines?

      Hi, this is what I made. I have a gdl_setup file that is called from the when I start up gdl. In that file (gdl_setup) I have this line:

      setenv GDL_PATH /usr/local/lib:+~/gdl/src/pro:+~/PRO

      the first two segments in the PATH are the standard for gdl, where the libraries are (and where i put them when I download them from the web), the last one


      is the folder where I have all my procedures (from IDL).

      By the way, the symbol, ~ substitutes the path of my home
      and the + is so that it looks for in all the folders contained in the folder I write.

      I am a beginner with gdl, but I hope this helps you.

  • dgalvan123

    dgalvan123 - 2010-06-21

    Thanks veryverynew!  This helped me as well! 

    It would be nice if instructions on how to set the GDL_PATH environment variable were included in the gdl README documentation.  Would have saved me some time searching around the web.

  • dgalvan123

    dgalvan123 - 2010-06-21

    Actually I have a follow-up question:

    I'd like to set this environment variable permanently so that GDL always knows where to look for all the pro files, without me having to issue the set environment variable command every time I run GDL.

    veryverynew said he has a file that runs every time he starts GDL, then calls a gdl_setup file that has the environment variable command in it.  How could I set that up?  Where is the file?  How do I make it reference a gdl_setup file?


  • Sylwester Arabas

    The way to set the GDL_PATH environment variable every time you log-in depends on the shell you're using. With bash you could put the commands to set the variable e.d. into ~/.bashrc

    The name of a startup file to be executed by GDL before any other instructions may be specified using the GDL_STARTUP (or IDL_STARTUP) env. vars.

    Hope that helps anyone,


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