Should the PATH descend into subdirectories?

  • npmk

    npmk - 2006-10-27

    I think that with IDL I just give the main directory in the PATH, and then procedures in subdirectories are discovered automatically when I want to compile them. 

    I just installed version 0.9pre2 a few weeks ago, and in when I gave it the main directory, the procedures in the subdirectories were not found.

    Of course the path can easily be extended for each directory that I add, and that is what I will do, but was that the intention for GDL?

    • Alain C.

      Alain C. - 2007-02-13

      do you use the "+" before the path ?

      I mean

      Here, I have had no problem


      • npmk

        npmk - 2007-02-16

        That was indeed the problem. Or maybe the problem was a lack of documentation. Thanks.

    • npmk

      npmk - 2007-02-16

      I was going to report this as a bug, but it turns out that here IDL has a 'feature'.

      I was using the solarsoft distribution and got a subroutine that uses replicate_in_space with string elements!.  Of course the gdl implementation follows the documentation which stipulates that it is for numeric arguments only.

      Here's the cause for the hiccup (in solarsoft routine  ssw/gen/idl/system/

          disk = ['string']
          replicate_inplace,disk, ''

      It works on IDL. I guess that the IDL developers don'r RTFM! ;)

      Should gdl adopt this feature?

      • Marc Schellens

        Marc Schellens - 2007-02-17

        The CVS version allows now all types for REPLICATE_INPLACE (like IDL).


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