Astron Lib

  • Guido Granda Muñoz

    Hi there,
    I want to install the astron lib, I've already download the library from the web side, all the files are  .pro
    I would like to know if its necessary put all these files in (for example) the carpet ~/usr/lib or not.
    Another thing I want to know is: What is the difference between install gdl using synaptic or using doing it manually as the install guide said, I mean:

    * unpack the tarball under any directory (tar xfvz gdl-0.9.tar.gz)
    * change to the new subdirectory gdl-0.9
    * type "./configure"  (use './configure -help' for a list of options)
    * type "make"         (use 'make -j N' to run N parallel processes)
    * optionally type "make check" to test the build
    * type "make install" to deploy GDL binary (gdl), libraries, manpage, etc


  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2011-02-28

    1/ Concerning AstroLib: you just need to have it in the GDL_PATH or in the IDL_PATH. It is much better to keep the AstroLib in a separate place, and add its path to one of the path you used (if you have several AstroLib in parallel, as I have, it is much more easy to switch in between !). If you plan to use your IDL_PATH for GDL, you must have the files in src/pro (our GDL files) in your path … Please have a look to "" in the root of the CVS tree to understood details on GDL_PATH … Option "-g" to keep current GDL_PATH, e.g. a copy of your IDL_PATH …

    2/ both are a snapshot in a continuous development: the CVS version. The good side of the snapshot is we usually really know the status of it, and relate problems. You may have small details changing between TGZ and "install gdl". On the other side,  the CVS version does include last progress, but may also contain regressions. We try to avoid regression using a large test suite. It is of highest importance to report any problem specifying the exact situation you are (OS, GDL version, CVS date …)




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