• Charlyms

    Charlyms - 2012-11-14

    Does it makes sense to "add" the routines of the IDL ASTRONOMY USER'S LIBRARY to GDL?
    And if can anyone explain how?

  • Sylwester Arabas

    Hi, the answer depends on what you mean by "add". As far as I know, a significant part of the library works well with GDL. To use the routines it's enough to add the library location to the GDL's seach path list (e.g. by setting the GDL_PATH env. var).


  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2012-11-15

    $ export GDL_PATH='+/my/path/to/GDL/src/pro/:+/my/path/to/AstronLibV4.0/pro/'
    then, in GDL, print, !path to check whether the path to AstronLib was really set.

    I have a successful daily usage of a limited subset of AstronLib programs in GDL (e.g.: FORPRINT and READCOL; MRDFITS, READFITS and WRITEFITS) on various OS, including 32/64bits CPU. (Some procedures in the HEALPix lib. is using codes from AstronLib, and we have a large test suite for HEALpix … )

    Report of troubles and crashes will be greatly appreciated (bug report), **with details** (e.g. links to data). Due to significant changes in each revision of the AstronLib, we mandatory need to have information about the version you are using.

    Up to now, no regression test suite for AstronLib is available into GDL testsuite. Suggestion or draft welcome !


  • Charlyms

    Charlyms - 2012-11-22

    Thank you all, I failed at last.
    I think GDL is no propper lib to manage routines like ".r", viewimage  or ".r radmc3d_gui", radmc3d_gui.

  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2012-11-23

    The codes you are speaking about are part of Radmc3D code, not part of AstroLib you were speaking about before.

    In the version 0.33 of Radmc3D I tested, they used Graphic Objects we don't have now in GDL.


  • Charlyms

    Charlyms - 2012-11-25

    Hi Alain,
    thank you for this adjustment (but why it doesn´t work with GDL at all)?

  • accrama

    accrama - 2014-12-11

    Hi. I've been reading this thread as I came out with a problem. I have added the ASTRON library in the startup path and GDL is reading SOME routines. For example, FITS_READ works but MRDFITS, which is also a *.pro routine from the same library displays the following error when called:

    % Compiled module: MRDFITS.
    % Procedure not found: MRDFITS
    % Execution halted at: $MAIN$

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    Last edit: accrama 2014-12-11
  • giloo

    giloo - 2014-12-12

    GDL does the same as IDL:
    IDL> mrdfits
    % Compiled module: MRDFITS.
    % Attempt to call undefined procedure/function: 'MRDFITS'.
    % Execution halted at: $MAIN$

    You have to call MRDFITS as a function, data=mrdfits("myfits",1,header) to get some result...

    My experience with the ASTRON lib is that the procedures there are not simple and one needs to read their documentation carefully before use. I'm sure GDL will have trouble handling some of them, but it is customary before reporting a possible bug to test that IDL, in the same condition, would give a different result.


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