SSW Routines

  • Adam Clarke

    Adam Clarke - 2012-03-19


    I'm looking at moving my institution away from IDL, due to the inherent problems with commercial licenses, I'm sick of struggling to license this product over and over again.

    My question is this, with a lot of solar researchers in the department, do the SSWIDL routines work within GDL. I could see no reason why this wouldnt be the case, but I wanted confirmation before I throw myself on a fire.

    Kind Regards.

  • Joel Gales

    Joel Gales - 2012-03-19

    The GUI is not supported but perhaps the underlying programs are.


  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2012-03-25

    We do have a list of tests cases (some are publics, see in testsuite/ in the CVS depot, some other are not public for various reasons, frequent problems with unclear copyright) for "external" libraries. E.g. : AstroLib, MPfit, CMVS, iCosmo, HEALpix, PDS/virtis, Coyote …

    It is a very good way for you (as a SSW user) and GDL to prepare such a test case, we can expand it later, and also we can find problems in GDL. If copyright OK, we can add this code (set of test cases) in the testsuite/
    When we prepare a new release we use to run "full" regression cases (including external lib. tests), it is useful.


  • alex

    alex - 2012-05-09

    have you already tried to make SSW work with GDL?


  • Joel Gales

    Joel Gales - 2012-05-09

    Richard Schwartz at Goddard Space Flight Center has run some of the SSW routines on GDL.  I would contact him.



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