GDL Workshop in June 2014

Alain C.
  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2014-03-25

    The first face-to-face workshop on GNU Data Language (GDL)
    will be held in June 2014 (week 24, form 10 to 13 June)
    at the Paris Observatory, on Meudon Campus,
    in the CIAS conference center

    GDL is a free and open-source (GNU GPL) incremental compiler
    of IDL/PV-WAVE syntax with an up-to-date support of modern IDL
    language features. GDL provides a large part of IDL functionality by offering a
    partial reimplementation of the IDL routine library.
    IDL and GDL are used primarily in astronomy and geosciences.

    Five of the core GDL developers have confirmed to attend the workshop.
    The program of technical presentations related to GDL is in preparation.
    We warmly welcome presentations on closely related topics as well,
    Please submit your proposals ASAP.

    Large time slots will be devoted to exchange with developers.
    Since GDL progress is mainly driven by user requests and contributions,
    we need to interact with the GDL users' community!

    No registration fees, but we would prefer to know
    if you consider attending, just to adjust rooms size
    and coffee amount!

    Please let us know if you are considering to attend by
    sending an e-mail to

    • cosmicbruce

      cosmicbruce - 2014-08-04

      If this conference happened, it would be great to have any of the talks posted. If this conference did not happen, I hope you will not be discouraged, and will try again. I would attend if I could find support and space on my calendar.


      • Sylwester Arabas

        It did happen! Great experience, thanks Alain!

  • GregJung

    GregJung - 2014-05-07

    I am concerned that any legal challenge would cause the project to be scuttled.
    It would be interesting to see some legal issues addressed in a white paper coming into this workshop.

  • Sylwester Arabas


    Could you elaborate on the reasons why you consider GDL to be prone to it? There are numerous analogues in the open source community - do you know of any such "legal challenge" in their context?


  • GregJung

    GregJung - 2014-05-08

    The closer GDL gets to being compatible, even with early- version IDL, the closer the commercial IDL comes to being a waste of money for even well-funded users; once it represented a true threat to revenue (as an "almost" product it probably benefits commercial installation more than detracts) it would certainly be susceptible to copyright infringement lawsuits.

    So, if you are in an organization that uses MATLAB extensively, is heavily invested in MATLAB licenses, and you come in with a project you developed under GDL and ask for an IDL license to implement it on a permanent basis ... then you're fired!

    So it's an issue, anyway, as annoying as it may be to deal with.

    Last edit: GregJung 2014-05-08
    • cosmicbruce

      cosmicbruce - 2014-08-04


      Dear Users:

      IDL spends a lot of time and effort making fancy interfaces and widgits which are not useful for scientists (not for me, anyway *). I think there are customers that are willing to pay for widgits and support that are not scientists. I think we should bid both the non-scientists and RSI (or whoever owns IDL now) good fortune, and scientists should support gdl.

      Why can't the model with :
      widgets and support including IDL, ENVI, etc. etc.----->Commercial
      "plain vanilla" gdl ----------------------------------->Scientists

      be defended under most circumstances?


      • I found IDL's data widget to be painfully slow and not useful
      • I found RSI editor widget IDLDE to be inferior to idlwave and not useful
      • I found the plot annotation widget to be buggy and not useful, though I must comment that lack of WSIWIG annotations is a bit crazy in this millennium.

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