#525 MAGICK_READINDEXES: (FIXME!) Magick's getIndexes() returned



while running "make check" on gdl-0.9.3 and manually investigating the failures,
I found the following problem with test_congrid:

% Compiled module: TEST_CONGRID.
% Compiled module: CONGRID.
% TEST_CONGRID_BASIC: Basic tests OK on nbp= 9
% TEST_CONGRID_BASIC: Basic tests OK on nbp= 21
% TEST_CONGRID_BASIC: Basic tests OK on nbp= 121
% Compiled module: STRSPLIT.
% Compiled module: PATH_SEP.
% Compiled module: UNIQ.
% Compiled module: QUERY_IMAGE.
% Compiled module: READ_JPEG.
% MAGICK_READINDEXES: (FIXME!) Magick's getIndexes() returned NULL for: MID
% Error occurred at: READ_JPEG 126 /usr/local/share/gnudatalanguage/lib/read_jpeg.pro
% TEST_CONGRID_ON_IMAGES 85 test_congrid.pro
% TEST_CONGRID 144 test_congrid.pro
% $MAIN$
% Execution halted at: TEST_CONGRID_ON_IMAGES 85 test_congrid.pro

Is this a known problem? Then this test might be XFAILed.
Otherwise, what else can I do to dig further into the problem?

I'm running OpenSuse 12.1 (on i686) with ImageMagick


  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2013-04-22

    Depending the versions of IM, we received different results, due to internal bugs in IM (a well known case is IM packaged for Ubuntu 12.04 !). This is why we also provided a switch to GraphicsMagick (only available in the "configure" way) which shows to be more stable !


    PS: my solution on some computers with problematic IM version where I have to deliver GDL to end users is to compile myself another IM version, or GM.

  • Harald Anlauf

    Harald Anlauf - 2013-04-23

    Following your suggestion, I reran configure with the options "--with-GraphicsMagick --without-Magick".
    On OpenSuse 12.1, the GraphicsMagick version is 1.3.12, and it appears to work for the present problem!

    Could you add a recommendation for/how to configuring with GraphicsMagick to the file INSTALL of the gdl distribution?


  • giloo

    giloo - 2014-07-02

    On the other hand, GraphicsMagick implementations may be totally screwed.
    GDL> filename='Saturn.jpg' & mid=MAGICK_OPEN(filename)
    % WARNING: your version of the GraphicsMagick library will truncate images to 8 bits per pixel
    % MAGICK_OPEN: Magick: Unable to access configuration file (delegates.mgk) reported by magick/blob.c:1891 (GetConfigureBlob)
    % Execution halted at: $MAIN$
    Here apparently the package maintainer somehow forgot to add 'delegates.mgk' (Mageia 4 for x86_64)


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