#9 GUI improvements


I have some GUI improvements which I think would be
pretty welcome and are quite sensible. Also I don't
think them very hard to implement (but, then again, I'm
not the one to say so).

I list them in no particular order:

- Under 'Mail application' in the 'Option' settings
include evolution.

- The 'Quit' button under preferences is very strange.
Wouldn't it be better to include it as an option in the
pop-up menu when right-clicking? Of course this one
cannot apply when it's used as an applet and maybe
requires a bit more of work.

- The 'Stopped' and 'Running' buttons... I really
cannot find the use for them, apart, maybe, from
debugging and testing new stuff. However, for the end
user switching to stopped status and run again when
preferences are closed seems like a reasonable
behaviour and adds a bit of cleaning-up in the preferences.

- Following GNOME/HIG philosophy how about removing the
'Save' button from the preferences dialog altogether?

And now, maybe a greater (and harder) change, would be
to move to gconf (probably in 2.0?).


  • Nicolas Rougier

    Nicolas Rougier - 2004-07-01

    Logged In: YES

    I added evolution in mail application combo and added a quit
    menu in popup menu (gtk version). Concerning the "stop"
    button, it just tells gnubiff to stop automatic checking but
    you can still force check by right clicking on biff applet
    or window. I also removed the save button.

    Concerning gconf, it's very unlikely I will use it because I
    do not like the philosophy of this tool. I used it to some
    extents in previous versions and I finally removed it. I
    really prefer to have a simple configuration file where you
    can easily check if something's wrong just by editing the file.


  • Nicolas Rougier

    Nicolas Rougier - 2004-07-10
    • status: open --> closed

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