APOP support

  • Alfonso

    Alfonso - 2004-06-15

    Hi, I just installed gnubiff because I read it had APOP support whereas the Inbox Monitor applet doesn't. However the APOP option in the GUI appears greyed out. Does this mean that at the moment it doesn't support it? I tried setting the protocol number as 5 in .gnubiffrc and then APOP is marked on the GUI but it shows an "Error!" message in the popup window. I installed the Debian Sid package.

    Also I have a couple of suggestions regarding the interface. Should I post them to the Feature requests section? Otherwise great piece of sw. Thanks a lot.

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-06-18

      Thanks !
      Concerning apop support, I just realized there is a bug in the configure script that makes gnubiff always believe that there is no libcrypto available which is required to have apop support). It has been fixed in incoming version.
      For version 1.2.0 you can make a dirty fix by adding -lcrypto (or -lk5crypto) during linking and removing the #ifdef HAVE_LIBCRYPTO in all sources.
      Sorry for the bug.

      Concerning feature request, there is now a mailing list so you can post your requests here.


    • Alfonso

      Alfonso - 2004-07-01

      Hi, again.

      I upgraded to version 1.4.0 and have seen that APOP is now available in the Preferences dialog but whenever I try to check the mail the pop-up window displays an "Error!" message where the mail count should be. Any idea why this is happening? I check my APOP email account with Evolution and there's no problem whatsoever.



    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-07-01

      Can you configure gnubiff with the --enable-debug flag  and then start gnubiff from a terminal window. Then start it again from panel menu and you will get debug messages within terminal window.

    • Alfonso

      Alfonso - 2004-07-02

      Hi, thanks for the tip. I did just what you told me to and this is what I get when I check tha APOP account:
      Mailbox error
      ** Message: Watch on
      ** Message: Attempting to create a thread...
      ** Message: Thread creation went ok
      ** Message: SEND(****************:110): UIDL

      Mailbox error

      Do you know of anyone else who has had (or hasn't had) troubles dealing with APOP?


    • Alfonso

      Alfonso - 2004-07-02

      The first line of the output I pasted before (Mailbox error) is the last line of two consecutive checks on the same account. Sorry...


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