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Joel Dice
  • Joel Dice

    Joel Dice - 2004-04-12

    Hi.  I'm trying to setup gnubiff to talk to an Exchange server via IMAP, an have had no success so far.  Would someone be kind enough to post their IMAP-enabled .gnubiffrc, so I can take a look at it for hints?  Thanks in advance.

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-04-12


      Please tell me what is the problem exactly.
      There is a nice GUI setup within gnubiff so we can start to look at that.

      For others, please, DO NO POST or mail any .gnubiffrc anywhere or to anyone since your .gnubiffrc may contain your password.

      Nicolas Rougier

    • Joel Dice

      Joel Dice - 2004-04-12

      Thanks for your reply, Nicolas.

      > For others, please, DO NO POST or mail any .gnubiffrc
      > anywhere or to anyone since your .gnubiffrc may contain
      > your password.

      Sorry - I hadn't thought of that.

      The problem is that the biff icon continually displays two red exclamation points, which I assume indicates a login error.  In the configuration tool, I've selected imap4 (no SSL) and specified the following (with generic substitutions for the specific values):

      port: 143
      user: windows_domain\username
      password: (the correct password)

      My main challenge is understanding how the address/filename entry should look, although the problem may be elsewhere (the two red exclamation points are difficult to interpret).  I have a Pine configuration that works, but I don't know how to convert it to something gnubiff understands.

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-04-12

      It's easier to use GUI to setup your mailbox and it's  even more important for password because there is some (very basic) encryption.

      For an imap4 server, you only have to give the hostname without the trailing /INBOX. By the way, are you sure about the 'windows_domain\username' ? Is it not 'username' only ?

      Finally, if nothing works, we can see tomorrow to debug it in a more dynamic way...


      • Joel Dice

        Joel Dice - 2004-04-12

        Thanks for the tip about not including the trailing /INBOX.

        I've tried both the 'windows_domain\username' and 'username' formats, but neither works using IMAP.  However, I was able to make it work via POP3 (using 'windows_domain\username').  I'm not surel why POP3 works and not IMAP - as I said earlier, I'm able to connect to the same server using Pine and IMAP without trouble.

        Unfortunately, connecting via POP3 is not helpful, since gnubiff seems to think all the messages in my inbox are new, even though they are not marked as such from an IMAP perspective.

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-04-14

      What is your configuration in Pine ?
      Can you send me an email so we can try to debug it together ?

    • Joel Dice

      Joel Dice - 2004-04-14

      For the record, Nicolas's original suggestion of using "username" without the "windows_domain\" part prepended was the solution.  My mistake when trying that the first time was that I failed to wait long enough for gnubiff to poll the mailbox again.


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