Saving settings

  • Michael Crider

    Michael Crider - 2004-02-27

    We have gnubiff 1.0.9 installed as applets on two computers running Red Hat 8.0 with GNOME (all default installation settings).  When we reboot the computer, all settings are restored except the account passwords.  Gnubiff displays "!!" in place of the counter until these are typed back in.  Is this happening to anyone else, and is this intentional?  One of the computers is left on all the time, so it isn't a problem, but the other one is dual-boot with Windows 98, and the user may switch between OSs several times a day.  Off topic but maybe related: we have been unable to get GNOME to save titles in the workspace switcher between reboots either.

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-02-27

      Yes, it's intentional because it may be considered unsecure to save password in clear in a file (even if a bunch of applications just do that). Anyway, you can bypass this behavior by configuring gnubiff with the "--with-password" option before compiling again (not sure of the option, type ./configure --help to get the right one).


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