Gnubiff with Thunderbird

  • Franco Spinelli

    Franco Spinelli - 2004-12-24

    I am using gnubiff 2.1.0 with my Thunderbird 1.0 installation on Linux (Ubuntu Warty) due to missing of any "icon notification" for Thunderbird in Linux
    I have defined my Thunderbird mbox files as mailbox files to gnubiff and I get correct notification on new mail arrival.
    When waiting for new mail I can see a message as "checking" on 1 of my 3 mbox files. Is this correct ?
    There is a config for automatic mark as "read" when in a mbox all mails was read? Now I have to manually activate "Mark mailboxes read"

    Franco Spinelli

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-12-28

      When gnubiff is actually checking a mailbox, it will display the "checking..." message in the tooltip, so yes, this is correct.

      gnubiff cannot decide on its own if you read or not a mail. Either you remove it from the mbox and then gnubiff knows, either you read it and leave it in the mailbox and gnubiff just cannot know if you read it or not.

      As a shortcut, you can press middle button on the applet or window to say "Mark mailboxes read"


      • Franco Spinelli

        Franco Spinelli - 2004-12-29

        Actually, "checking.." message is fixed for some of files to check
        and, deleting messages, don't reset read status of applet.
        Also sometime, after resetting read status using "Mark mailboxes read", I get a "new mail" status without mail arrival.

        My test is done with Thunderbird 1.0 and Ubuntu Warty up to date


        Franco Spinelli


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