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Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2015-12-15

Migrated to GitHub

In Sep 2015, the project was migrated to GitHub.

The project web site was also migrated to GitHub Pages.

The SourceForge binary files archive will be preserved, but will no longer be maintained.

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2015-09-15

Further news announcement available only as blog posts

In order to reduce the administrative overhead, further announcements will be published only via the project blog, available at:

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2013-10-19

Version released

The first version of the GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-in SE (second edition) is publicly available, after about two weeks of development and tests.

It includes support for the same toolchains as the last 0.5.x version, but the implementation is completely new.

The major change is a new way of managing toolchain definitions.

For users this means that it will be possible to add new toolchains to the plug-in much easier, reducing the wait-for-new-toolchain delay; for the plug-in developers this means a significantly lower effort to expand and maintain the code.... read more

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2013-10-17

Version released and marked 'End of life'

The final 0.5.x version was released.

There are no functional changes since, just that it was marked as 'End of life' and no further updates are planned for it, since all development moved to the second edition of this plug-in, marked as 1.x.

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2013-10-17

Version released

Changes from previous version:

  • new ARM toolchains added:
    Tools for Embedded (arm-none-eabi-)
    Sourcery Lite Linux (arm-none-linux-gnueabi-)
    Linaro GNUEABIHF Linux (arm-linux-gnueabihf-)
  • ARM64 (AArch64) toolchains added:
    Linaro AArch64 Bare (aarch64-none-elf-)
    Linaro AArch64 Linux (aarch64-linux-gnu-)

  • C/C++ 'Hello ARM World' templates added

  • flash binary output type in CreateFlash no longer locked to hex and computed according to selection

  • elf32-littlearm, elf32-bigarm, elf32-little, elf32-big, tekhex removed from CreateFlash output type;... read more
Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2013-09-28

Version released

Changes from previous version:
- (3479739) support for Summon Toolchain added (patch 3487283 applied)
- (3479737) support for floating point added as
-mfloat-abi=name and
- support for endiannes added as
-mlittle-endian and
- (3148636) label for -fdata sections renamed as "Data Sections"

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2012-02-25

Version released

Changes from previous version:
- support for Mac OS X Yagarto was added
- publish procedure moved to development computer
- previous release packing bug fixed

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2012-01-26

The project has a new look

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2012-01-07

Version released

After a long wait for the CDT team to fix a bug, I decided to find a solution to avoid it.
So this version is mainly a port to Eclipse 3.7 (CDT 8.0), with no functional changes.

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2011-11-26

Version released

Changes from previous version:
- new -mcpu= values: cortex-m4

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-10-14

Version released

Changes from previous version:
- the license code in the feature project was fixed (the first line contained a space after the final '\', terminating it prematurely)
- new -mcpu= values: cortex-a5, cortex-a9, cortex-m1, cortex-m0, iwmmxt2, marvell-f

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-10-06

Version released

Changes from previous version:

- the download area was reorganised, files are now published in subfolders like gnuarmeclipse/0.5.3
- the old files were moved to Previous Releases
- the script was updated to publish both to the update site and to the download area
- the missing category in the update site seems to be a bug in the Eclipse p2 code; the workaround is to remove the fature and reassign it before the build
- this release shows the category as CDT GNU Cross Development Tools

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-07-31

version released

changes from the previous version:
- the Java code is compiled with 1.5 restrictions, otherwise it does not work on most platforms (#3036456)
- the update site was regenerated from scratch, without and it seems the categories are now displayed (#2833594)
- the files ChangeLog.txt, HowToBuild.txt were removed from the repository
- the file README.txt was simplified

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-07-29

Version released

changes since the previous version:

- support for devkitPro was added for all platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X).
On Windows, the usual make/rm utilities are required; Cygwin provides very good
implementations of them.
- some Yagarto discovery bugs were fixed


Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-07-07

Version released

Changes since the previous version:

- ported on Mac OS X, Eclipse 3.5.2
- CodeSourcery added to Mac OS X
- Mac OS X missing GNUARM configuration reference fixed
- (#3024374) individual properties processed; ITool.getParent() should climb up the hierarchy via getSuperClass(); this is also a better fix for #3021757.
- (#3024483) New Yagarto Toolchain uses EABI; Yagarto toolchain split from common Windows GCC configurations

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-07-06

Properties - C/C++ Build - Settings bug fixed

Based on a bug submitted by Jasmin St-Laurent, a bug related to generating the command line when invoking Settings on a separate file, was identified and fixed.

The update is version

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-06-28

CodeSourcery Linux toolchain fixed

Based on an anonymous bug report, the confusion between Host OS and Guest OS when selecting the CodeSourcery G++ Lite toolchain was finally sorted out.

The basic toolchain when targeting for embedded systems is ARM EABI. (The arm-none-eabi toolchain is intended to generate programs
for running on ARM ported Linux, not embedded systems).

Posted by Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2010-06-09

Support for Eclipse 3.5, CDT 6.x

Hi, today I merged the latest trunk to branch/0.5.3.x in subversion repository. So we will start developing the new plug-in version 0.6.x for Eclipse 3.5, CDT 6.x on trunk.



Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2010-01-09

GNUARM Eclipse - Second Edition

Hi, "GNUARM Eclipse - Second Edition" is a completely new written plugin. The first release is (see release notes for details). You will find the source in the svn respository "/branches/0.5.3.x/". The development is currently done by Liviu Ionescu, a new member of this project.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2009-04-01

FAQ created

Hi, today I created a FAQ section in the wiki. Please feel free to add to content to improve working with the plugin.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2009-02-07

Version 0.5 beta released

Hi, today I exported a new plugin for Eclipse 3.4 and CDT 5.0. Please report any problems.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2008-10-15

SVN Repository

To keep the development for Eclipse 3.3 and CDT 4.x I created a new branch (branches/0.4.x).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2008-08-20

Eclipse 3.4 & CDT 5.x

Today I installed Eclipse 3.4 and CDT 5.x. I will test the plugin and release a new version if needed in the near future.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2008-08-20

Version 0.4.3 beta released


this release make the C compiler available in c++ projects.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2008-06-17