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Version 0.4.2 beta released

Hi, today I spent some time working on the plugin. For details see changelog. If there are still bugs please file a bug report about that, including version and type of OS, Eclipse and CDT.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2008-03-07

SVN repository restructured

Hi, today I moved the "main line" of development to "trunk" and checked in the last source from version 0.4.1. For version 0.1.x I created a branch.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-11-10

Version 0.4.1 beta released

Hi, the release of today fixed two bugs.

Thanks to D. Porges for submitting the fixes.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-10-23

Version 0.1.3 released

Hi, today I fixed some wrong toolnames in library build section for Windows and MacOSx.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-10-11

Version 0.4 beta released (for CDT 4.0)

Hi, today I modified the plugin to run with CDT 4.0 (Eclipse 3.3). This is a beta version! If you experience any problems, please submit a report. Supported Platform: Linux (arm-elf-linux-gnu-gcc), Win32 (Yagarto, WinARM), MacOSX (arm-elf-linux-gnu-gcc).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-07-19

Eclipse 3.3, CDT 4.0

Hi, currently I am working on a new version for the new CDT 4.0.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-07-11

1000 Downloads overall

Hi, after 1000 downloads overall, I changed the status to "Production/Stable".

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-06-05

Version 0.1.2 released

Hi, today I added a few bug fixes form Micheal Loeffler ( See change log for details.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-06-05

FAQ update

Today I added some new entries to the FAQ.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-05-25

Version 0.1.1 and FAQ released

I corrected a few small bugs since version 0.1.1.

Besides I added a FAQ to the documentation section.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-02-26

Version 0.1.0 released

I added a toolchain to build static libraries (Linux, OS-X, Win32).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-02-26

Version 0.0.9 released

Due to a users request I added Max OS-X support. If you do not need it, there is no need to upgrade.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-02-26

Version 0.0.8 released

Hi, some new options to objcopy, internal changes and a few bug fixed results in version 0.0.8 (svn respository version 13). All features are available for Linux and Windows. It is NOT compatible to older versions, to get all new features you have to create a new project.

Thanks to Le Viet Bach from for new features and testing.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-02-23

Version 0.0.7 released

Hi, Le Viet Bach (from added support for Assembler within a C++ Projekt for Windows and some more options. I added the Assembler (C++) support for Linux.

Have fun =).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-02-22

Version 0.0.6 released

Du to a users request I added C++ support to the Linux and Windows toolchains.

I did not change anything on the C toolchains, so it should work further on. But if you upgrade from an earlier version please test it in a secure environment and give me feedback.

Thanks =).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-02-20

New Web Site

Today I adapt the project web site. I added a chart to get an overview of the current state.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-24

Current state

Currently I think there is no need to change something on the plugin.

If you have any questions, wishes or ideas please feel free to use the Trackers or Forums.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-18

Version 0.0.5 released

This version adds an option to choose a linker script. For furhter changes have a look to the changelog.

Currently I think there are no needs to change the internal design. So the only thing to do is to add more options if you need them. Furhter on if you use some options which you are currently add to the miscellaneous options, please submit a request. I will add them easily to choose as checkboxes or textfields.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-08

Version 0.0.4 is incompatible with previous versions

After some feedback to Version 0.0.4 I notice that the internal changes will cause the executables under Win32 renamed from "arm-elf-*" to "arm-elf-linux-gnu-*".

To fix this, rename the executables in the properties dialog or create a new project and copy the source files to the new project.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-05

Version 0.0.4, Beta state, ".S" files

Due to some internal changes, I released version 0.0.4. I think it is not needed to update, but it would not be amiss.

As a result of positive feedback, I changed the state of the project to "beta testing".

And finally, if you experience problems compiling assembly files with ".S" suffix, just add it to "File Types" within the project properties.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-04

Yagarto and other Windows-Toolchains

The plugin works with the Yagarto Toolchain ( too, but you have to install the OpenOCD package with it.

Generally you can use all other toolchains, if the executables are named like "arm-elf-*" and you have "make" and "rm" installed and in your path variable.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-04

org.eclipse.cdt.gnuarm_0.0.3.jar released

Today I released the third version. I added support for the WinARM toolchain, so the plugin should work with it under Eclipse for Windows.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-20

WinARM Toolchain integration

Currently I am working on the integration of the WinARM Toolchain, so the plugin can be used with Eclipse for Windows.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-13

org.eclipse.cdt.gnuarm_0.0.2.jar released

The version 0.0.2 extends the first release by a "Debug configuration". It is available in the "Download" section.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-13

Inital news

The first version is available in "Code" (SVN) and "Download" section and a minimal website is available.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-08

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