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196 stm32f1 template doesn't work closed nikola1010 2015-09-11 2015-10-26  
187 problem with workspace tool path settings if using headless build of Eclipse closed Erich Styger 2015-06-02 2015-08-01  
183 Clean project returns with Error closed Iulia Vasii 2015-05-18 2015-05-19  
182 The OpenOCD plugin is not working with cygwin-compiled openocd binary closed Eugene Sh. 2015-04-29 2015-05-14  
175 OpenOCD plugin malfunctions sometimes when reset button is pressed closed Russ Butler 2015-03-12 2015-05-06  
167 Ignore Count of Breakpoints is lost after debugging closed Heiko 2015-02-19 2015-03-25  
166 Button in settings not present for non managed projects closed Robert 2015-02-19 2015-02-19  
164 Toolchains tab settings are reset by simply "touching" Name combo closed John Moule 2015-02-17 2015-03-25  
159 QEMU-ARM under windows: -verbose: invalid option closed belerafon 2015-01-25 2015-08-26  
142 Packs outlook is not refreshed after pack install closed Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-12-19 2015-10-26  
140 Memory map content messed for duplicate definitions closed Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-12-19 2015-10-26  
127 [Ubuntu 64] Eclipse seems to be freezing for a few seconds in C/C++ Luna SR1 when opening Settings page. wont-fix Iulia Vasii 2014-10-21 2015-05-18  
124 Nano specs are added twice in template closed Sergio Alejandro Gonzalez 2014-08-20 2014-10-14  
123 Debug controls (resume, suspend, ..) grayed out closed devnow 2014-08-16 2014-11-30  
122 Eclipse hang in "Launching: Initializing debugger services" closed Sergio Alejandro Gonzalez 2014-08-11 2014-08-19  
121 STM32F4 template project has redundant hardware initialization code closed Olegs 2014-08-08 2014-11-07  
120 STM32F4x template does not compile with semihosting closed Elliott Partridge 2014-07-24 2014-10-14  
116 Main Packs view in GNU/Linux closed Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-07-16 2014-10-14  
115 Packs remove does not update other views closed Liviu Ionescu (ilg) 2014-07-16 2015-10-26  
111 Problem with gdb stack frames closed Sergio Blanco 2014-06-18 2014-07-04  
109 Size information file not added to the project closed Iulia Vasii 2014-05-23 2014-05-23  
103 'Apply' does not get enabled for 'Other Option' in the launch/debug panel closed Erich Styger 2014-04-10 2014-04-12  
102 Macro Expansion wrong closed erikS 2014-04-06 2014-04-12  
98 Pressing the 'debug' icon in C/C++ perspective opens 'Launch Debug Configuration Selection' closed Stephen Davey 2014-03-24 2014-10-14  
89 When stepping out of a function, debugging session sometimes gets confused closed Philip Gruebele 2014-02-24 2014-04-12  
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