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New Release -- 0.6.2

Transaction type, mysql corrections corrections and other bug fixes, move to SWT 3.4, better shell scripts incl. a configure script and support of HBCI for outgoing invoices and credit memos.

Download at

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-09-07

New Release -- 0.6.1

Some bugfixes, we're starting with a XML data exchange format (Open Business Data Xchange), makefile, starting with HBCI (a german homebanking standard) and some open source promotion (new about window).

Download at

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-07-24

New Release -- 0.6.0

Again tons of small fixes, in particular now creating transactions in the windows version should now work again, all VAT values van now
be used (removed floating-point bugs), transaction date/time and numbers now work decently. The transaction type 'private drawing' has been introduced and credit memos fixed.

This is the first beta release.
My company (usegroup) now also uses the accounting part in production since 0.6.0 (bookkeeping since 0.5.2).... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-06-22

New Release -- 0.5.7

Some bugfixes, the last 0.5.5 regressions should be gone -- download at

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-05-04

New Release -- 0.5.6

Fixed 2 of at least 6 regressions in gnuaccounting 0.5.5 (if you are affected, please use 0.5.4) and now imports from TaskCoach time tracker

Download from

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-04-13

Regressions in 0.5.5

Version 0.5.5 has at least four regressions compared to 0.5.4.

  • in bookkeeping add window: VAT "received" and "spend" is missing
  • in bookkeeping add window: <please select> entry is missing
  • regression: export spread sheets always covers complete time frame, not selected period
  • in bookkeeping add window: voucher column does not keep entries

Some of these regressions might be addressed in future releases. The refactorings which caused these regressions, however, were neccessary.

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-04-07,

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-04-07

Gnuaccounting and other Free software

Gnuaccounting seems to work very good with OpenJDK. When you use Gnuaccounting please consider using a Free operating system like e.g. Linux and a Free Java compiler/runtime like OpenJDK as well. wrote:
> Hi,
> Oh wow! Awesome. You might want to put something in your install notes or
> readme as a signpost to free software people.
> If it's OK with you, I'd like to add Gnu Accounting to the Free Software
> Directory and mention that it works with Openjdk
> Cheers,
> Deb
>... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-04-05

New Release -- 0.5.5

Many new bugfixes including MySQL and the accounting part. Download at

mysql jdbc driver now in libs
refactored numbersWindow&new client&application class
tons of MySQL fixes,
load the correct transaction template,
corrected removeItemButton in new transaction wizard,
correctly load transactions,
use only one number per selected transaction type
dont show VATs in accountingEditWindow
use only one number per selected transaction type, dont show VATs in accountingEditWindow
New Features
ability to automatically create databases
* be able to book own transactions (e.g. invoices) correctly also in accountingedit, not only in balanceWindow... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-03-24

New Release--0.5.4

Sorry,in the 0.5.3 release there was a bug in the bookkeeping part,

Download the corrected version here:

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-03-03

New Release -- 0.5.3

Refactorings (under the hood):
less database redundancy
Bug fixes:
Fixed a split-booking bug
New features:
"Export journal" (now "Export as spread sheets") shows account balances in account list
"Export as spread sheets" new sheet for account statements (journal grouped by account)
prepared I18N,
sending transaction vouchers (.pdf) via email is now possible,
If used with caution, the bookkeeping part now works, at least I was able to book
the year 2007 of my business... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-03-02

New Release -- 0.5.2

0.5.2 adds the ability to change booked entries and the template designer for the first time allows to have items in tables. Additionally, the templates are now based on placeholders instead of proprietary, text-based ones.


Posted by Jochen Staerk 2008-01-28

New Release -- 0.5.1

This release fixes some problems in the linux version (the template designer with GTK2 is still problematic but there is a workaround), makes use of the embedded Firefox (XULrunner) for the first time and allows for formatted text for items in the templates

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-12-22

Bug in linux version

When I tried to do the screenshots from the linux version I noticed that the template designer does not yet work does not even seem to open. I wanted to release a fixed 0.5.1 today but a second bug showed up so you might have to wait longer for a fix. For the current status please have a look at the SVN version.

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-12-09

New Release -- 0.5.0

0.5.0 (aka halfway there) brings a new template designer (it allows to design header/footer and items in a single template) with less deficiencies than ever before. For a long time the designer was affected by a big bug and I now finally found a workaround.

New features:
Firefox integration has been prepared, Gnuaccounting now allows for Karm (timetracker) import and Winston (german electronic tax declaration) export. It's now possible to specify a timeframe in "export accounts" and the T-accounts now have cell borders. A single, cross plattform font has been included (Bitstream Vera) to overcome rendering problems on some plattforms. When creating a transaction, it's now possible to choose a date.... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-12-08

New Release -- 0.4.4

0.4.4 brings some bugfixes (important ones too), some improvements
and some new features like rudimentary support for offer, cancelations and
reminder transaction types.

I will try to improve usability and user-friendlyness of the template designer drastically in versions >0.4.5 since although
one of the two big bugs in the template designer has been fixed but it's
still almost impossible to work with the remaining bug and even if it
worked it's almost unusable. ... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-10-18

New Release -- 0.4.3

An open-source java accounting application that embeds OpenOffice and utilizes MySQL or OpenOffice's HSQLDB to create and administrate invoices, credit memos, delivery notes, bills etc.

This release is an overhaul which removes some old things which should have gone long ago (e.g. a way to book called "continuations") and introduces some features which should have been introduced long ago.
It's now based on SWT 3.3 (Eclipse Europa) and NOA 2.0.9.... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-09-18

New Release -- 0.4.2

Many changes this time: The bookkeeping now imports Starmoney data (bug 1745973), accounts can now be edited (bug 1735538) and the todo-button is now more than just the old records view (bug 1735534): It now shows e.g. installation tasks and invoices to balance.
The "Customers" menu is now renamed Business Contacts and can also cater suppliers (bug 1754779). Transactions (at least invoices) are now automatically booked (bug 1754782) (with default VAT).
Some changes and bug fixes under the hood (bugs 1749913, 1749917, 1754794, 1755460, 1755461).... read more

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-07-17

new developer: thorstenhirsch

Hi, I'm the new guy. Jochen just added me to the project, but we've been talking about this project since a few weeks already. Actually I also started developing some kind of free accounting software, but I never got beyond concepts and a few lines of code I was experimenting with. At least I've got a long list of feature requests. :)


Posted by Thorsten Hirsch 2007-07-16


Development has moved to subversion. Check out the latest files under the following URL:

Posted by Thorsten Hirsch 2007-07-16

New Release -- 0.4.1

Introduction of a database versioning (bug 1738616) and VAT-based split entries (1736061). Usability improvements (1735542, 1734376, 1734372, 1734370, 1734369 and 1734368).

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-06-17

New Release -- 0.4.0

GnuAccounting is now a portable application and introduces the first
bookkeeping features. Additionally, an import for Moneyplex has been added.

Please have a look at the release notes and the change log for details.

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-06-08

GnuAccounting wiki

There is now a wiki on Please have a look, and, if possible, answer the one or the other question.

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-06-08

We now have a gnuaccounting-devel mailing list

in order to hedge a community a bit I enabled a -devel mailing list. So, if you have feedback you can also subscribe and drop me a line.

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-04-27

New Release -- 0.3.9

0.3.9 fixes bugs 1694463, 1694464 (critical: transaction type not stored in db) and 1694468 (new feature: be able to load transactions from records).

Posted by Jochen Staerk 2007-04-04

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