#17 unable to open dotfiles from filepicker

James Paige

with version 1.3.3 of gnotepad+

from the file menu, pick "open"

in the file-picker, naturally, dotfiles such as
.bash_profile .bashrc or .fvwm2rc do not appear in the
directory listing. However, if you type the name of a
dotfile in the text-entry box at the bottom of the
file-picker, you should still be able to open the dotfile

The only way I can open a dotfile in gnotepad+ is if I
start it from the command-line:

james@localhost# gnp .fvwm2rc &

when I do it from the command-line, it opens the
dotfile just fine. ... but having to open an xterm
every time I want to edit a dotfile can be quite
inconvenient. I would like to be able to just open the
dotfile right into an existing instance of gnotepad+


  • James Paige

    James Paige - 2002-03-19

    Logged In: YES

    My appologies. This was just the result of my lack of
    understanding on how the GTK filepicker works. I have
    figured out that I must type the name of the dotfile and
    then press tab.

    I think its rather counterintuitive, but it is certainly not
    gnotepad's fault.

    this bug is invalid

  • James Paige

    James Paige - 2002-03-19
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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