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Xiphos 3.1 is released

We are very pleased to announce Xiphos 3.1, a Bible study system built on the foundation of The Sword Project's cross-platform libraries from CrossWire Bible Society. Xiphos provides a feature-rich environment in which to study Biblical texts, commentaries, and other resources suitable to sound theological learning.

This release adds features to our Windows version, text-to-speech and transliteration (now near parity with Linux); improves on module manager, journal/prayerlist, and bookmark support; adds new capabilities to the exporter; corrects some problems with RtoL (right-to-left) languages; adds automatic lemma lookup in ancient texts; plus other minor updates and bug fixes too numerous to list here.

Source and binary packages are available for Fedora, Ubuntu, and Win32. Xiphos supports any flavor of Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Windows (XP, Vista, 7-beta).

Crosswire Bible Society
The Sword Project

Posted by Karl Kleinpaste 2009-05-24

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