Xiphos 3.0.1 is released

As an urgent bugfix release, we have just put 3.0.1 out the door. Xiphos is the best free Bible software ever produced, based on GNOME libraries and the The Sword Project's underlying cross-platform framework and modules.

This release was necessary due to the discovery of incompatibilities with Windows' filesystem (NTFS) in the face of users whose login names contain characters beyond the ASCII lower 128. Such names previously caused grief in NTFS because of the need for UTF16 encoding. This release corrects this problem as well as a few other minor issues.

As always, Xiphos supports any flavor of Linux, Solaris, NetBSD and FreeBSD, and now Windows (XP, Vista, 7-beta). Ready-to-run Linux binaries (.rpm, .deb) should appear in distros' repos very soon.

Download source tarball or Windows installer
Crosswire Bible Society
The Sword Project

Posted by Karl Kleinpaste 2009-02-20

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