I've just installed the product and it's fabulous.  I like the ability to freeform where I want to go and I like the versatile personal notes section.  However, I haven't been able to figure out how to use the bookmarks and quickmarks (I'm also not quite sure of the difference).  I use bookmarks as a way of creating a topical Bible, i.e., I group related verses together under a bookmark.  This works quite well with QuickVerse.  I noticed that the KDE BibleTime did this quite well with a drag and drop but in the Windows version of The Sword Project it was awkward in that I had to deposit the verses into the Personal Bookmark and then manipulate them into the correct topic after the fact.  How do I use the bookmarks in your product? I also found that the auto-lookups in the lexicons do not seem to work.  Perhaps I mangled the installation.  Thanks for your help and all your work - John Sullivan

John A. Sullivan III
Group Technology Director
Nexus Management
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