#188 Add togglable Read/Unread Flags

Peter Snow

I want to read the entire bible in a year, but often I feel compelled to read it out of order, but when I do that I want it to count toward my goal of reading the entire bible. The problem, is how can I record what I read easily?

Ideally, before I engage in a reading plan, I'd like to be able to set the entire bible (or perhaps selected chapters) to unread, then as I read them, set them as read.

Ideally there should be an option to mark a chapter as read by checking a box when you get to the bottom of the chapter, which will mark it as read and load the next chapter ready to start reading at the top.

You should also be able to view an over-view of your read/unread status in such a way that makes it easy to adjust the status of each chapter, in the event that you read from a paper Bible while away from your computer.


  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2016-02-29
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  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2016-02-29

    closed here in sourceforge as we complete our move to github.
    see https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos/issues.
    use the Labels pulldown there to distinguish between bugs and enhancements ("feature requests").



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