#113 Manual: Explain Link Tabs


In 3.1. there is a short description of the menubar, but no details given.
I tried to figure out how View/Link Tabs is working, but could not find it out:
Biblical resources in the main window are always linked.

Finally, when opening a second tab, I understood, how tabs are linked.

-> Add more details to the menu description in the manual


  • Matthew Talbert

    Matthew Talbert - 2009-05-28

    We would very much appreciate patches for the manual, as it has several shortcomings. It really isn't difficult to work with (no programming required), and I'd be glad to help you get started with it.

  • Wolfgang Stradner

    The problem is, that my mothertongue is not English, but German. Therefor you would need a 'native-English-filter-person', not only to let it be good English, but to make sure, that it is understood.
    So I would prefer to have an 'XI insider' so send my suggestions/patches to, who puts it afterwards in the documentation.

  • Matthew Talbert

    Matthew Talbert - 2009-05-29

    Ideally, you could send patches (in svn diff format) to the developers' mailing list, and someone would review it, make corrections and submit it.

    Less ideally (but still fine), just send the raw text you'd like to add to the manual, along with a line or two of the existing manual both before and after, so it is easier for us to add it in. The numbers (3.1, etc) are not in the source, but only exist when viewed with the GNOME help viewer, so they aren't always helpful for locating the right place.

    Either way, this is a big help, because it doesn't take nearly as much work for someone to look over the text, make the corrections, and commit it, as opposed to looking at this bug report, opening Xiphos and the manual, deciding what to write, etc.

  • Wolfgang Stradner

    That's a good idea.
    At the moment I am in the process of learning different programs based on the Sword engine in order to comparing and evaluate them. Having done this then I will put the infos I collected in this process and forward them to the teams working on those programs

  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2014-11-27
    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • assigned_to: Karl Kleinpaste
    • Group: -->
  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2014-11-27

    i've looked now and again at the brief description of linked tabs in the manual, and i don't see what would improve it. it clearly notes applicability only when more than 1 tab is open.

    since no one has taken interest in this for 5 years, i am simply closing.



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