#101 Saved sets of parallelism

Tim Nelson

I note that someone opened a feature request asking for more than 5 sets of scripture presented in parallel. I personally need something like this, but I'm proposing an alternative solution.

For study purposes, I like to have a modern version (ESV) and the traditional English version (KJV) open at the same time. I also like to have the original languages open; that means TR for the new testament, WLC for the old testament, and LXX so that I can see what the apostles and Jesus would've read. If I decide I want Wescott and Hort as well, to compare with the TR, that exceeds the 5 that I can have open at a time.

Rather than suggesting allowing the opening of more than 5 at once, I'd like to suggest that sets of parallelism be saveable, so that I can save one for the new testament, and one for the old. That means that in the New Testament set, I no longer need the WLC or LXX, and in the old testament, I don't need the TR or Wescott & Hort.

In the model that appears in my head, I imagine that, in a tab, what is displayed is an interaction between:
- A layout (ie. which bits are displayed; commentaries, etc)
- A reference (ie Matt. 1:1)
- A set of parallelism

That way, a new set of parallelism could be selected without altering the reference or the layout.

Oh, and I'd like a pony :).


  • Matthew Talbert

    Matthew Talbert - 2009-05-29


    I think this is a good suggestion, but perhaps more difficult than it would appear at first. It would require a re-working of how we do the parallel view. As always, patches welcome!

  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2016-02-29
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  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2016-02-29

    closed here in sourceforge as we complete our move to github.
    see https://github.com/crosswire/xiphos/issues.
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