#500 Dropdown with books bigger than screen


In Lubuntu 13.04 with Xiphos 3.11.5 the drobdown box with books is too big. The up-arrow is visible, the down-arrow isn't, propably behind the LXDE menu-bar.


  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2013-11-03
    • assigned_to: Karl Kleinpaste
    • Group: 0.7.10 --> Current-devel-SVN
  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2013-11-03

    GTK3 problem, to be addressed after 3.1.6 (which will be for GTK2), information and corroborating circumstances being sought via the developers' list. the problem is liable to be specific to certain themes and window managers. i do not see the problem in fedora 19 with compiz and GreenLaguna theme; others do in other circumstances.

  • dav

    dav - 2014-01-26

    Hi, I enjoy using Xiphos all the time. I also noticed that the books/chapter/verse drop-downs were a little unfriendly to the user.

    It would be really nice if they were in calendar style pop-ups.

    ie. I click on books and book names are arranged in columns, two or three, in one box - even one pop-up box for OT and one for NT books;

    -chapter and verse no.s also in columns, more than 50 chapter/verse might need to flip pop-up to next columns.

    this would negate the need for all the drop-downs to run off the bottom of screen and need scrolling to find later books and no.s greater than 30.
    (scroll down -slowly as it does- and then move mouse back up to select is more time consuming than seeing them all together.)

    I used to use ISA, under wine, and the selector they use is very fast and easy to use.

  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2014-11-27
    • status: open --> closed
  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2014-11-27

    closing, as these gtk3-specific details seem to have worked themselves out over recent months. i won't be addressing calendar-style selectors here as that's beyond the bug proper. if you still want it, you can file a feature request for it, but we consider it low priority.


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