Karl Kleinpaste - 2012-07-12

mostly there is nothing to be done about the current state of affairs, because it is due to sword's behavior, not specifically xiphos'.

[1 and 2] xiphos does indeed generate "Chapter N" at the top of each chapter. this is because most modules do not provide any such headings of their own. moreover, there is no indication (e.g. in the module configuration) to tell us whether a module provides its own "Chapter N" headings; such headings are in fact just general content, there is nothing special about the "chapter" content, it's just text. we must err on the side of the fact that, by far, most modules do not have such markup.

[3] the FreJND problem you note is evidently a sword problem. the content there is a pseudo-"0:0" heading, whose osis markup is:

<lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/> <lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> APOCALYPSE <note n="o" osisID="Jude.1.0_1" osisRef="Jude.1.0">ou : RÉVÉLATION</note>

however, this is rendered with APOCALYPSE occurring twice, and the encoded footnote, though having content as marked, is not actually present as rendered. this is a case where xiphos can do no better than to output what the sword library has handed it, and evidently sword is guilty of both the double APOCALYPSE content as well as the missing footnote content.

all i can suggest you do is to file a bug with sword itself. regrets that we are in no position to fix it directly.

apropos of nothing, i have no idea why the begin/end paragraph is present at the beginning of that markup -- it serves no purpose.