Karl Kleinpaste - 2012-07-12

regrets for not having seen bug reports for a while.

i took a brief look at the arch bugs page. rather a lot of text that i didn't try to follow too closely. basically, as far as we're concerned, indexing always works as long as clucene was enabled in the sword build and there are no permissions problems in the ~/.sword hierarchy. this is not sensitive as to sword version, and xiphos will build happily enough with either latest released sword or today's sword svn. there have been a couple tweaks to auto-detect whether osisxhtml.h is present (the indicator we use for whether maximally up-to-date sword is installed) made since the official 3.1.5 tarball was cut. you may want to update with what you find in very latest xiphos svn.

and yes, the planned/supposed sword release has been very, very delayed. i have no reasoning for this; it is an ongoing sore point with us, to get sufficiently frequent sword releases. there is nothing we are able to do about this.