#460 On start, Standard View text is invisible.

GUI (232)

On Ubuntu, the text of the current verse/chapter (as of last exit from Xiphos) seems to be present but invisible in the Standard View pane.
Clicking the bottom tabs to switch back and forth between Parallel View and Standard View displays the text.
So does clicking anywhere (except the bottom tab) in the Standard View pane.
I know the text is present (just invisible) because A) the scroll-bar is correctly positioned and B) the mouse cursor changes when I happen to be hovering over an invisible verse number vs. invisible text.
This happens on Ubuntu 11.10 with default window manager settings.


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    Anonymous - 2011-11-20

    Just noticed that Book View pane has a similar problem when a General Book was left open.
    Click bottom Commentary View tab and then Book View tab and all is well.
    Click the invisible text, and all is well.
    Click an invisible scripture reference in the Book View tab and only the line it is on becomes visible.

  • Karl Kleinpaste

    Karl Kleinpaste - 2012-01-04

    I experimented with this briefly in my ubuntu 11.10 virtual machine and installing xiphos 3.1.4 via "apt-get install xiphos", and i can unfortunately confirm getting the same problem.

    unfortunately, 3.1.4 is a bit of a dead end for us, because 3.1.5 will be released "soon" (one way or another) and 3.1.5 has left behind the "xulrunner" (mozembed) display engine; we have moved to using webkit instead, and a build of current development source of soon-to-be-3.1.5 has no such problems.

    i have no idea what ubuntu has done to damage our display in this way, but it is not a problem seen anywhere else. for now, all i can offer is that you use our sword-specific PPA and install an instance of 3.1.4 from the "maverick" build:

    we won't be trying to fix this, due to the dead end nature of xulrunner support.


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