#22 'm3u capable' patch for audiocd.c


I've only tested this with drag and drop capability,
but this patch contains code to get filenames (max len
255 chars) from lines in m3u data. I haven't actually
written anything to make sure that the file is an mp3,
because I avoiced rewriting all of that which already
exists in your audiocd_add_file(), and i just called
the function from within itself.

The additional code occurs after a 'non-audio' file has
been found. It simply checks to see if the file
extension is '.m3u', skips lines beginning with '#', '
', '\t', and then grabs the first 255 chars of each of
the remaining lines in turn. I read somewhere on the
net that 255 was the limit to the number of characters
in any linux filename (I'm not sure if this is actually
true, so i turned that magic number into a variable).

This will work for m3u files with 'relative' pathnames
as well, assuming that the base of the pathname is the
path leading to the m3u file.

I also went over your coding standards and adjusted
things as necessary, I hope that I didn't miss anything.




  • Christopher Friedt

    a replacement for 'audiocd.c' -> i would create a diff etc, but there's only one spot to upload a file here, this should work as a drop-in replacement

  • bidd

    bidd - 2005-10-02

    Logged In: YES

    cvs GB now imports m3u. Thanks for the code.

  • bidd

    bidd - 2005-10-02
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bidd
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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