Hi Antonio,

to be sure Gnomebaker has been in dormant state for a while - I am not sure
if I want to revive it without significant interest and some help in development.


On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 19:46, Antonio Pineda <battletroll@gmail.com> wrote:
I setted up Gentoo to use clang (as opposed to the standard gcc) as
the default C/C++ compiler.

When compiling GnomeBaker with gcc I get a usable binary, everything's OK.

Compiling with clang seemingly finishes OK, but the buttons and menus
don't work at all: you can click on them with the mouse or press them
using <enter> or the spacing bar to no avail - nothing happens.

I believe this may be related to the potential issues clang found with
the code - in the attached log, they're shown as warnings.
The interesting part is most of them are catched up by gcc as well
(see the other attached log), so it must be a case of both compilers
reacting differently in grey areas of the standard.

I'm attaching both build logs (gcc's and clang's) for your benefit.

Thanks in advance and thanks for creating this amazing product - I
prefer it several times over Brasero :-)

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