I want to make a release of GB in the next two weeks so as of now we're in feature freeze and I will try and fix as many of the outstanding bugs as possible. I will also run through my usual test of all the functions in this time.

Lasse - can you make sure that all the translations are up to date as far as possible please?

Milen - I am going to hold your patches for libnotify and tray icon until after the release and target all that work for 0.6.0.

Joseph - once the 0.5.1 release is done I will upgrade my breezy to dapper which has gstreamer 0.10 and will attempt the upgrade/port from 0.8.

As far as I can see, the candidates for 0.6.0 are

* libnotify (have patch, to be reviewed and applied)
* tray icon (have patch, to be reviewed and applied)
* simplified UI (have patch and depends on project support)
* project support (file format designed and I will implement)
* better data disk support (ie create directories etc)