I've found a little time and I've started a little work on project support for GB. I've already refactored all the menus and gamehack has developed a draft of the file format.

I will write the project support such that it won't touch the datacd code so we won't interfere with each other.

Once the project support is done I will convert datacd and audiocd to gtk widgets so we can create and add many of them to the tabs.


On 28/12/05, Ignacio Martín <newwen@gmail.com> wrote:
The bad thing is that now I am in spain with my family and writing my disertation. I have not had much time. I am even not able to update from CVS. Luke said that there was a branch with the tree view working. That is what I have been doing until now. I wouldn't like to duplicate the job already done. Is already someone else working on that?
However, there are some points that need to be discussed:
I think this feature and the project loading/saving support must go in paralell as it is necesary to change the data model, and the way we add the files to the burning process. Now with a list we only have to add all the elements to the burning process, but with a tree we have to add only the elements with more depth (with their whole path in the tree). Do you think that this is ok?

2005/12/28, Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson@debian.org>:
On Fri Nov 25, 2005 at 11:40:03AM +0100, Ignacio Martín wrote:
> Ok, I will start now with the job, but I´m quite busy now (as you)
> with my thesis, and probably, I won´t finish this till Christmas. I
> was only waiting you to answer, because I didn´t know if this feature
> was in your roadmap (or even if you were already working on this).
> It´s nice to be able to collaborate.
> Regards,
> Ignacio

Hi. Is there any progress on this?

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