Thanks Sergio, I applied your patch and then I changed my mind as your patch got me thinking. Your patch gave me a different idea, rather than filtering in the progress dialog i've changed the code in the execfunctions so they don't actually set the text output box.

Thanks for the input.

On 24/11/05, Sergio raster <> wrote:
Hi all:

These days I burned some DVDs and found that the messages showed with my patch weren't right. I compared the original strings and the ones sent to the widget and I discovered a very little bug. The line:

> gtk_text_buffer_insert(textBuffer, &textIter, output, strlen(cmpbuffertocheck));

should be really:

> gtk_text_buffer_insert(textBuffer, &textIter, cmpbuffertocheck, strlen(cmpbuffertocheck));

I enclose the new .diff file with all the differences between the original 0.5 version and the right one.