#61 Interface Improvements (Mockup included)


I think there many of the toolbar items are
unneccessary, since they offer the same functionalyty
What I mean are the Clean CD, Format DVD buttons a.s.o.

It can be easily terminated whether the disc is a cd or
a dvd by the filesize and therefore the two buttons
could be replaced by one "Clean Disc" button.

Additionally the preferences button should be removed
since it has not the same importance as teh other
buttons and does not have to be therefore easily
accessible - normally you have to set the options only

Next there should be a File->Open Image menupoint.

Furthermore It would be nice if you could make an
editable burning-"cart", so that you could remove files
of an added folder if it does not fit on the media.

this would of course require that you are able to add
files beyound media capacity...


  • MadMan2k

    MadMan2k - 2006-01-10

    interface mockup

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I really like the "burning cart" idea. Many times when you
    are burning and go over the limit and are forced to split
    the project to multiple media, you have to put the first
    media back in to see how far your burnt (if you are
    forgetful like me).

    This is an interesting feature that I haven't seen in
    mainstream apps like Nero.

  • bidd

    bidd - 2006-01-20

    Logged In: YES

    Thank you for the comments, I'm going to move this to
    feature requests and it's not a bug as such. I will clean up
    the interface as you request in the next major release of GB

  • bidd

    bidd - 2006-01-20
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bidd
  • bidd

    bidd - 2006-05-28
    • status: open --> closed
  • bidd

    bidd - 2006-05-28

    Logged In: YES

    I've tidied a lot of this up for the next release


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