#32 Compressed audio file data CD creation


It would be most helpful if a service was provided by
the program to create data CDs of audio in a desired
compressed format, such all MP3s. For example, I would
like to be able to create a CD in gnomebaker, supplying
a list of FLAC, Ogg, etc files, and then have
gnomebaker convert them all to MP3 format and put them
on a data CD. This shouldn't be hard, although it
would be nice I suppose to be able to specify what
output format one wants.

A more difficult thing will be some way to
intelligently rename files. Most MP3 cd players I've
run into have trouble with very long file/pathnames, so
some sort of logic to chop down overly long filenames
would be nice (perhaps based on tags? for example, if
Ogg file has artist of "billy bob and friends" and the
song filename is "billy bob and friends - 01 -
fish.ogg" then the unneccessary part could be removed.

I plan on getting started with this very soon, so if
anybody has any suggestions/comments/offers of help/etc
I'll watch for them here.


  • bidd

    bidd - 2006-05-29
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  • bidd

    bidd - 2006-05-29

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    Kyle, did you do any work on this? I'm sorry this one hasn't
    been actioned sooner but I think this is a nice feature.


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